Monday, August 16, 2010

Copic Mondays - Airbrush System by Laura Burleson

Wow, this video has been quite the production!

I have only done one little Flip video with only music in the background, so recording this and adding the titles, etc. was quite a chore.  I had some huge problems with software, etc.  Anyway, please excuse the mess-ups LOL  I was so nervous.  I made a few wrong statements trying to not stop talking on the video.

For clarification, the Airbrush system is a pre-order through Cutters Creek.  I think I made it sound like Kim has them in stock for immediate shipment, but what I meant was she stocks them in her store.  I hope that makes sense.  Like I said, I am a bit fried from doing this.  I started on it yesterday at about noon.  I gave up trying to upload at about 3 a.m., and well, it is now almost 9 p.m., and the video is finally done.

I do hope you enjoy the video edition.  Let me know if you prefer videos or regular blog posts.  I would like to cater to my audience!


Dawn said...

Laura this turned out fabulous. I want one of these spray guns. It has been on my list for awhile.
Thanks so much fro the techniques and the proper way to use.
Now you can relax, you are a pro.

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