Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tweety Bird

Tweety bird (after about 2 1/2 weeks of being cared for by us):

(Note: You can click on any photo to see the full size version)

So here's the story and more pictures...

My mom noticed three baby birds had fallen out of their nest in my front yard. Mom left them alone. Two were dead from the predator, but one was alive. She was worried about moving the baby. She thought the parents would reject him if she touched him. We left him out for part of the day, and the parents never came to his aid.

These pictures show Tweety at about day 4. His feathers are coming in, and he is starting to stand slightly to tell us he is hungry.

She took me out to see him, and well, you know me. I could not let nature take its course! I couldn't let this poor baby die. We took him in the house, and quickly turned to Google for information on the how, what, when and where fact about taking care of a wild baby bird.

Mom set off to the kitchen to prepare food for him per an online recipe, and I made him a "nest". He wasn't afraid of us at all, and he quickly took to eating the prepared food we made him.

Honestly, neither of us really thought he would make it through his first night. He did great! The next morning he woke us up bright and early asking for his "breakfast". We had a hair appointment that day, so we packed up the family, the dogs, and Tweety (as mom named him), and off we went. He ate every 15 to 20 minutes. We could have set our watch by him.

A better shot of his feathers and lack thereof

For 7 full days and nights we cared for this baby bird, then one Sunday morning, my mom notices a nest of birds about Tweety's age in the same tree Tweety was found under. We weren't sure they were his family, but it was worth a try. We put Tweety in their nest. Even though they weren't his parents they adopted him and cared for him. We checked on Tweety and the other two babies daily to monitor their progress. 7 days later, we got to watch as Tweety and his foster brothers & sisters flew away for the first time.

These two photos are Tweety's foster brother and sister being shy. Their coloring was totally different than his, but the mommy and daddy bird accepted him anyway.

It was great to see him fly and be a "real" bird. We had worried we domesticated him by feeding him as a baby. We worried that he wouldn't get all he needed from a family that wasn't his, but he did. He survived and had all of his natural instincts in tact.

Tweety chillin' in his nest.

Here is a compilation video I made of Tweety from his first day with us up to his 4th or 5th day. At that point I switched to taking pictures.

I hope you like seeing it.

He was so small and featherless when we found him. He had a little peach fuzz and that was about it. You can really see him change throughout the three videos. I wish I could have gotten some good shots of him flying away for the first time.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cards I made recently

I put together a couple of cards for my mom while she was here. She needed a Mother's Day card for my grandmother, so I used my Wild Card Cartridge, and came up with this:

Of course we needed envies too:

She also needed a graduation card. I used only items I had on hand, so they were very thrifty cards.

They are the simplest cards I have made in a long time, but that is the style mom preferred. I think they turned out okay.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Blog Candy for 500 posts

I discovered an amazing blog yesterday. Her work is so beautiful. She does amazing "shabby chic" designs. Her cards are beautiful.

Beatrice's site is

Go by and check out her site and her amazing work! While you are there register for her blog candy.

Let her know I directed you to her blog.

Enjoy her work!

Hot, Hot, Hot & the Cool, Cool Pool

Pugsley took to the pool and the floatie mat like a fish to water. He took a couple spins around the pool alone, but then he was okay with sharing the mat with mom. We floated around for about an hour enjoying the cool water and hot sunshine. He seemed to really enjoy the relaxing motion of the water.

These aren't what I would call the greatest pictures of me, but I love that my dog got on the floatie mat with me and we relaxed in the pool together. Hubby was able to snap a few pretty good shots of Pugsley and I enjoying the California sunshine!

Temps have been up in the 100's for the past few days, and the pool has been a welcome relief to the hot summer sun (plus it is great for my tan & my knee). I have been doing my water exercises at home to try to help speed the healing.

I think I am going to have to watch Pugs if I leave the mat in the pool. He might try to jump in alone. We have made sure he and all the other dogs can swim just in case they ever fall in the pool. All of them know the best route to get to the steps to get out.

I didn't get to snap pictures of our Boxer Scooby. She got in the pool, too. She laid down on the second step and just let the water cool her off. It was so cute. Her whole body was on the second step, but her head was resting on the first step. She was able to sleep a little and stay in the cool water.

Hailey wasn't too fond of the whole pool idea, yet. She started to get curious just before I was ready to come in the house. Maybe she will give it a try for recreation tomorrow. I was surprised she didn't jump right in the pool, though. She loves to take showers and get baths. I figured she wouldn't be able to resist the water.

Happy Friday and happy weekend, Everyone.

I deleted my rants...

I don't want to turn my blog into a den of negativity.

Thanks for understanding. Sometimes it is good to just vent and then let it all go~


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Latest Goodies I actually finished!

Yes, I actually got a few things done for once! LOL I finished a whole bunch of cards and two mini albums thanks to a challenge we had on one of the lists I belong to. I am planning to scrap all weekend since I am "grounded". My parents had to go home for appointments and to take care of things at their house. I am not released to drive, SO I am stuck at home with hubby and no wheels. It is over 100 degrees outside, so I might get in the pool. I think for the most part, I will be scrapping this weekend!

Check out my blog to see what I get finished!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ScrapBox - Review & Contest

I have put a number of comments out on blogs and forums. I have been asking for opinions on the ScrapBox line of products, and I know my blogs have started to sound like commercials. I really like the products, and from what I have seen (and heard) most that own them like them, too.

Not all of the comments are positive. Some have said they thought the woods were too light-weight, but I noticed they do come in a variety of material choices. I am sure veneer choices are less expensive. Friends who own them and love them say they like the organizational factor.

Most, who, like me, are dreaming of the WorkBox, can't afford it during these economic times. We all have our jars and envelopes started to "save" for the box of our choice.

As most of you know, I entered a contest on the ScrapBox website to hopefully win their new EZ View ScrapDesk. Thanks to your comments, blog posts, and votes, I am still in the running! Please remember to vote and comment daily! Your support has made the difference for me!



Monday, May 25, 2009

Have you dreamed of the perfect storage solution?

Well, I have. I long for a solution that will allow me to place all of my precious scrapping and craft items in one place.

I think the ScrapBox line of products may be the solution for me, but I am seriously wanting to know what others who have this think about it!

Please tell me about your ScrapBox, WorkBox or MiniBox. What do you love about it? Is there something you would want to change?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

MiniBox from ScrapBox

I know my blog is becoming a ScrapBox commercial~ LOL

I really do love the product, and I was so impressed by the construction, use of space, and choices of materials. If you haven't seen it in person, you truly can't appreciate the quality.

The boxes are great! They are canvas, easy to clean, and in a great variety of sizes. If you can't fit the big ScrapBox in your house, maybe the MiniBox is for you.

While you are checking out their great products, please remember to get your vote in for my entry to win the ScrapDesk. I really appreciate it!

My entry is #267~

Friday, May 22, 2009

WorkBox from ScrapBox!

Today I want to tell you about the WorkBox from ScrapBox. The WorkBox is the biggest scrap & craft solution that ScrapBox offers. There is room to hold everything, and still have a wonderful desk workspace! This is perfect for limited space or to organize and help centralize your work products.

Mom loves this so much, and she is trying to win the ScrapDesk from ScrapBox until she can afford this wonderful WorkBox!

Please vote for her entry #267, and click above on the picture to check out ScrapBox's products!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So have you really checked out the new ScrapDesk from ScrapBox? I love the see thru top! You know exactly what is in the drawers, even if it is the VERY back of the drawer! You can see all of your items clearly and easily. The storage on the front and sides mean no wasted space!

Why am I so excited about this product? I am trying to win one!!

My entry is number 267, Please vote and vote often!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scrapbox & Remington's Entry

I entered myself in a contest to win the new ScrapDesk from Scrapbox.

As soon as hubby sells a million copies of his book I am buying the ScrapBox!

For now, I am doing my best to get as many votes as possible to win their amazing new ScrapDesk! Please vote for my entry with my dog, Remington. It is number 267.


Please see the post below for entry into my Blog Candy Drawing. Post these above links to your blog for me, and send me a comment letting me know your blog address! I will add your name and additional time to the drawing for each DAY you make a blog entry! Make one every day regarding ScrapBox and my entry, and increase your chances to win!

If your friends add it to their blogs, post your name and their blog address for more chances to win! I promise the more you post, the more I will add to the prizes. You will not be disappointed!

Blog entries are worth 5 extra entries into the Blog Candy Drawing (for your blog posts daily or your friends)! Comments are worth a single entry DAILY! Twitter posts & Facebook posts are worth a single entry - You need to send me a copy of the post.

The more you promote - the more chances to win!

Thanks, everyone! BERRY! Thank you for all of your amazing support!

Monday, May 18, 2009


So are you wondering why I am trying so hard to win this ScrapDesk? Who wouldn't want this?

I love the storage options AND you can SEE what is in the drawers! This desk looks so perfect for any craftroom, scraproom, or even child's room! You can organize your items, and see what is there.

I so love the Scrapbox, and now the ScrapDesk! What will they think up next?

SO, if you now understand WHY I am clammering for votes, giving away blog candy, and otherwise promoting the heck out of this contest -- your answer is above!

Please click here to vote for my entry to win!

Thanks for all of the support!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am in love with this product. SO much so that I am thinking I want to try to be a promoter for their products at trade shows. I have seen this at many scrap conventions and craft shows. It is simply amazing. The construction is awesome.

As most of you know, I have been trying desperately to win one of these. With all of your help, last month, I was able to qualify in 7th place. I am trying again for one of their give-aways this month. I am willing to try and try again, because I LOVE their stuff!

Please check out the Scrapbox & vote for my entry in this month's contest! Click here to vote! My entry is #267! See the boxer dog! That is our Remington! Be sure to comment and let me know you voted & what you think of the Scrapbox!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Scrapbox Contest!

Howdy folks!

I am trying once again to win the Scrapbox -- this time it is the table. Please go to the Scrapbox website and vote for #267!

I appreciate your support! Maybe this time I can win this thing!!!

I am going to sweeten this deal. You all help me with comments and votes, and I am going to give you a prize, too! For each comment left here, and each vote you place daily, you will get an entry into a drawing for my blog candy. I promise the prize will be worth a minimum of $25. I will add to the blog candy for each milestone we reach in voting. For every 100 votes, I will add another prize to the blog candy! If I win, there will be an extra bonus prize, too! To make it even more fun, I will give away a prize for each 100 votes, as well!

Is this what they call a win/win in business? LOL

Please vote, and share this blog candy with your friends. Post a link back to my blog, and get a bonus entry. Subscribe to my blog, and get a bonus entry. Leave a comment and let me know each and every thing you do to help me win this contest!

You get the idea. The more you promote, the more chances you have to win. I promise you will not be disappointed! I will begin adding pictures of the blog candy this weekend! You are gonna love the surprises!



Monday, May 11, 2009

Sassy Secrets Blog candy

Wow, now this is a huge prize package and you have until May 24th to comment and post a link to your blog for a chance to win. Please let them know in your comment that I sent you over!

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