Friday, May 29, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot & the Cool, Cool Pool

Pugsley took to the pool and the floatie mat like a fish to water. He took a couple spins around the pool alone, but then he was okay with sharing the mat with mom. We floated around for about an hour enjoying the cool water and hot sunshine. He seemed to really enjoy the relaxing motion of the water.

These aren't what I would call the greatest pictures of me, but I love that my dog got on the floatie mat with me and we relaxed in the pool together. Hubby was able to snap a few pretty good shots of Pugsley and I enjoying the California sunshine!

Temps have been up in the 100's for the past few days, and the pool has been a welcome relief to the hot summer sun (plus it is great for my tan & my knee). I have been doing my water exercises at home to try to help speed the healing.

I think I am going to have to watch Pugs if I leave the mat in the pool. He might try to jump in alone. We have made sure he and all the other dogs can swim just in case they ever fall in the pool. All of them know the best route to get to the steps to get out.

I didn't get to snap pictures of our Boxer Scooby. She got in the pool, too. She laid down on the second step and just let the water cool her off. It was so cute. Her whole body was on the second step, but her head was resting on the first step. She was able to sleep a little and stay in the cool water.

Hailey wasn't too fond of the whole pool idea, yet. She started to get curious just before I was ready to come in the house. Maybe she will give it a try for recreation tomorrow. I was surprised she didn't jump right in the pool, though. She loves to take showers and get baths. I figured she wouldn't be able to resist the water.

Happy Friday and happy weekend, Everyone.


Lisa T said...

OMG, he is sooo cute! Love all the pictures of your furry children. I've got a few of my own. :)

Kendra said...

Too cute!!! I have a Boston (which I refer to as my mini Boxer! LOL) and I wish he would've gotten into the pool with me, but he was too afraid (now we don't have one)... great blog & nice crafts - like the grad "card"! Great idea

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