Sunday, May 24, 2009

MiniBox from ScrapBox

I know my blog is becoming a ScrapBox commercial~ LOL

I really do love the product, and I was so impressed by the construction, use of space, and choices of materials. If you haven't seen it in person, you truly can't appreciate the quality.

The boxes are great! They are canvas, easy to clean, and in a great variety of sizes. If you can't fit the big ScrapBox in your house, maybe the MiniBox is for you.

While you are checking out their great products, please remember to get your vote in for my entry to win the ScrapDesk. I really appreciate it!

My entry is #267~


Ree-Ree said...

Scrapbox.....Hey that's the perfect storage solution for scrapbooking or
craft items you can keep all your supplies and tools in one place.
I think the ScrapBox line of products may be the perfect solution the boxes are great, easy to clean,variety of sizes. Go get you one!

Ree-Ree said...

I think the ScrapBox may be the perfect solution, the boxes are great! I want one!
My bookcases need to go!

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