Friday, November 05, 2010

MIA -- Wow, it has been 2 months!

I cannot believe I have been MIA from posting for two whole months!  So much has been going on, and crafting has had to take a huge back-seat to real life.

Right now I can't sleep.  Tomorrow is the first in my series of tests to find out if I have cancer.  I keep telling myself that it is what it is.  The cancer is there or it isn't.  The tests won't change it, but they will give me knowledge to be able to fight whatever is going on with my body.

I have such a strong history of cancer in my immediate family.  I have it coming at me from all sides.  Thankfully most of them were strong survivors.  I hope that is me, too.  Most of all, I hope the doctors are wrong, and this is just one of those cancer "almost" had it stories.

No matter what, I have a great support system in place.  Whatever the outcome, I will be strong, and I will come out the other side a stronger person.

Hopefully, I will be doing some crafting soon.  Hubby spoiled me with some great crafting items to try to inspire me to create again.  I am working at getting back in the grove.  It is so hard to craft with a house full of family, but I am going to try to set aside at least an hour a day for "me" time.

Thanks, everyone, for your support.

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