Thursday, September 09, 2004

Gawd, I suck!

I so suck at this journal thing and at staying on my diet this week. It has been a super rough week at work, and I just feel like total crap.

I go back to the gym tomorrow morning -- so wish me luck. I think I will need it.


Saturday, September 04, 2004

DayTwo - More food posts ~laughing~

Okay so I ate another granola bar -- I think I am addicted to them!!!

And more tea/water.

I think I need to do something today. I am bored with being sick, and I want out of the house! Gawd, how I wish my hubby would get home. I guess I should be greatful for the overtime he is earning, but I would rather have him right now.

Time to do something even if it is wrong -- but rest assured it will NOT involve food! ~chuckles~

DayTwo - Okay so maybe I suck at this!

Well, I am sorta back on track. I did have a couple of potato chips which is a bad thing, but it could be worse! I read the back of the chips bag -- one friggin' chip is 10 calories! YUCK!

So anyway I guess I need to keep track of what I eat.

1 - granola bar
1- piece of toast
1/2 cup of cottage cheese

Tons of water -- cuz I am sick and I have to drink it with my medication...

We might go out for dinner tonight, so I am trying to keep my calories really low, but my protein high. I am trying to go back to my original gastric bypass diet, before my tummy would allow me to eat anything more than chicken!

Wish me luck! I think I need it!

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Friday, September 03, 2004

Day One - getting back on track

After going through gastric bypass surgery I swore to myself I would never get fat again. After going to the doctor today for a respiratory infection, I found out I have gained almost 20 pounds. This made me nuts! I wanted to scream, cry, rant, rave, on and on --you get the picture!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO after calming down, I decided to create this blogger to track my renewed progress as I get back down to my size 3 Cruel Jeans.

Food Diary for today:

1 - granola bar
1- skinny mocha (sugar free)
12 - cheez-it small size crackers
1/2 - peanut butter sandwhich on whole wheat bread
1 - beef patty grilled and all fat drained (thanks George Foreman!)
1 - granola bar

2 - tall glasses of ice tea
8 - glasses of water

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