Sunday, March 30, 2008

Okay, so No one reads this...

but dang, then how do I get blog comment spam?!?!

I am the only one looking at my blog and reading it or doing whatever, and I get spam. *shaking my head*

Something just seems so utterly wrong with that! Heck, at least let me get one comment of, "wow, your blog sucks." That would be better than blog spam!

Hell, it is almost as bad as getting a message on your cell phone only to find out it is some damn telemarketer! Blog spam is the internet equivelant to telemarketing!

Can you tell this frustrates me?

Okay, ~stashing my soapbox back under my desk~ I will save my ranting for another time.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Free Pearls

Pearls, pearlsand more Pearls

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Have you ever..?

Awakened one morning and felt life passed you by?

Wondered where the time went?

Forgotten what it felt like to really live your life?

Gotten so caught up with illness (yours and your family's) that you just let it consume all of your being?

I have. I am. It sucks.

How did I get here?

When did I get old?

Where did my hopes, dreams, and plans all go?

Who is this person I see in the mirror?

How did she get here?

More importantly, how is she now going to change her life for the better?

How will she start living again?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'm Back!

I haven't posted here since 2004. Wow! So much has changed since I started this blog. I still haven't gotten back into my size 3 Cruel jeans, but at least I was in them the first time I saw Trace Adkins in person *small swoon*.

Hubby no longer works due to his multiple sclerosis, so no more wishing him home early from work. He is always here now. He really hates that.

I have changed jobs three times since my last post.

I now have severe anemia which is totally messing up my life.

I only have three dogs now. It feels empty around here with just the three. I no longer only have boxer dogs. I have one crazy little puggle in the mix.

I no longer drive only a big SUV, but I know have an economical car. I commute 63 miles one way to work each day, then work 12 - 14 hours and come home. I barely have time to sleep and it is time to be back at work.

My anemia has put me in a bad place. It has made me very sick, and that has caused me to miss work and not be the wife I need to be. I sleep all the time. I am chronically tired, and chronically cranky. I thought I would avoid the flu this season, but when I got it, I got it good. I didn't think my blood levels could get any lower, but they did. So now I get iron infusions once a week to try to get me back to normal. I have been battling this for 6 months now, and my levels still haven't improved.

My house and craft room are a mess. We are remodeling for hubby, so that his wheelchair can get around everywhere. We previously had a sunken family room, now it is all one level. We also replaced the doors and widened the doorways to the kitchen and dining areas. We put in energy efficient windows and doors. We put up a new roof, and we got a new heating/air unit to keep the temperatures normal for hubby. With MS hot temperatures can cause severe flare ups.

My step daughter has graduated high school, and has turned 21. My step son will graduate in May and he is already 18. Wow, what a way to make me feel old. I wish sometimes that I would have had kids of my own, but I didn't. Some say it isn't too late, but with our health problems, I think my time has passed me by.

Well, I have rambled a long time, so who knows! Maybe I will post tomorrow. Maybe it will be another 4 years! ~chuckles~ Guess we will see where serendipity takes me!

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