Sunday, March 30, 2008

Okay, so No one reads this...

but dang, then how do I get blog comment spam?!?!

I am the only one looking at my blog and reading it or doing whatever, and I get spam. *shaking my head*

Something just seems so utterly wrong with that! Heck, at least let me get one comment of, "wow, your blog sucks." That would be better than blog spam!

Hell, it is almost as bad as getting a message on your cell phone only to find out it is some damn telemarketer! Blog spam is the internet equivelant to telemarketing!

Can you tell this frustrates me?

Okay, ~stashing my soapbox back under my desk~ I will save my ranting for another time.



DK said...

Someone reading your blog... not spam.

ohscrap said...

LOL! I know the what I did and moderate your comments...they'll give up after a while. BTW, this is Linda, I was at the Virtual Crop with you last night but am just now getting around to checking out your blog. =)

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