Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ScrapBox - Review & Contest

I have put a number of comments out on blogs and forums. I have been asking for opinions on the ScrapBox line of products, and I know my blogs have started to sound like commercials. I really like the products, and from what I have seen (and heard) most that own them like them, too.

Not all of the comments are positive. Some have said they thought the woods were too light-weight, but I noticed they do come in a variety of material choices. I am sure veneer choices are less expensive. Friends who own them and love them say they like the organizational factor.

Most, who, like me, are dreaming of the WorkBox, can't afford it during these economic times. We all have our jars and envelopes started to "save" for the box of our choice.

As most of you know, I entered a contest on the ScrapBox website to hopefully win their new EZ View ScrapDesk. Thanks to your comments, blog posts, and votes, I am still in the running! Please remember to vote and comment daily! Your support has made the difference for me!




Julia said...

I gave you a vote! Best wishes!! Thanks for coming by the Bo Bunny Blog!


Claudia Rosa said...

i also gave you a vote.
thanks for your kind comment on my blog!!
have a wonderful day

Elin K. said...

I don't have a blog but I have been voting as often as I can for you. Good luck. :)

Elin K.

Lisa said...

Good luck! I hope you win! Every time I go to the site to vote I am thinking I would like one of these. Christmas is right around the corner.

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