Friday, May 22, 2009

WorkBox from ScrapBox!

Today I want to tell you about the WorkBox from ScrapBox. The WorkBox is the biggest scrap & craft solution that ScrapBox offers. There is room to hold everything, and still have a wonderful desk workspace! This is perfect for limited space or to organize and help centralize your work products.

Mom loves this so much, and she is trying to win the ScrapDesk from ScrapBox until she can afford this wonderful WorkBox!

Please vote for her entry #267, and click above on the picture to check out ScrapBox's products!!


Jackie Smith said...

See you're still going strong. Its hard to beleive peope have enough suppies to fill up the scrapbox. That hods so much!

Jackie Smith said...

PS forgot to sign my name but its Melissa C

Elin K. said...

If you win you have to promise to post or send a pic with it filled up!

Elin K.

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