Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So have you really checked out the new ScrapDesk from ScrapBox? I love the see thru top! You know exactly what is in the drawers, even if it is the VERY back of the drawer! You can see all of your items clearly and easily. The storage on the front and sides mean no wasted space!

Why am I so excited about this product? I am trying to win one!!

My entry is number 267, Please vote and vote often!


Vicki said...

I've voted for you. The prize is sure to be something you will enjoy.


Elin K. said...

I've been voting for you, too!!

Elin K.

normi said...

Hi Laura! I have been voting for you every day. I don't have a facebook or twitter or blog, but I am sending my dd, Cynder66 to help you out. Good luck! Norma

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