Monday, May 18, 2009


So are you wondering why I am trying so hard to win this ScrapDesk? Who wouldn't want this?

I love the storage options AND you can SEE what is in the drawers! This desk looks so perfect for any craftroom, scraproom, or even child's room! You can organize your items, and see what is there.

I so love the Scrapbox, and now the ScrapDesk! What will they think up next?

SO, if you now understand WHY I am clammering for votes, giving away blog candy, and otherwise promoting the heck out of this contest -- your answer is above!

Please click here to vote for my entry to win!

Thanks for all of the support!


Barbara said...

Wow Laura, I had seen the scrapbox before and thought it was fantastic but had not seen the new desk, it would be awesome to have.
You have been getting my vote daily I do hope you win.
Good luck and hang in there during your recuperation time.

Vicki said...


That's a great prize. Hope you win.


Ree-Ree said... Laura I posted your ad on my blog is this the addy or link to my blog?

Heather said...

Awesome layout! The new scrapdesk is really cool!

Elin K. said...

You have my votes! It was a great layout, too. :)

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