Monday, March 02, 2009

More Layouts!

This layout is done on a transportation or car them, and again it is for a challenge. I has a great time finding some good pictures of my first two trucks. The 76 Chevy my dad bought when I was 13, and I always called it my truck. He always teased me and said "yes" when you get your license!

My second truck, the 1955 A Series Chevy was purchased a year later for me when I was 14. It was exactly the kind of truck I had dreamed of! I was so excited that dad let me take my savings and spend it on this beautiful piece of Detroit metal!

Are you surprised to know that I still have BOTH of those vehicles today! My two first trucks are still mine, and they still run. Both do need a little work and TLC. Their age is starting to show again!

I have been trying to get a lot of layouts down, and also get a jump start as we move into some new challenges for March:

This layout is about my best friend, Eddie -- He is a great guy. The 1982 picture was taken before we left for my Junior Prom. He was the best date, and we had a wonderful time. The 1989 picture is from my wedding to my now ex-husband. Eddie stood up with me that day, and it meant the world to me. He also had the honor of walking my mother down the aisle.

We have been friends since I was 12, and he was 14. We may be miles apart and not talk for days, months, and sometimes years, but we pick right back up where we left off. I know if I need him, he will never be more than a phone call away.

The cute little guy in the second picture is Eddie's son Zach. I often got told that he looked exactly like me whenever we were out in public. That was always a hard one to explain to people. They just would never believe he wasn't my son. He is a grown man now! Wow, those pictures are dated!

This is page two of that layout. Here he is pictured with his son, Zach.

And an attempt to get a nice overhead view of the two pages together.


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