Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween from my Pawsee!

Halloween 2009~

Hailey isn't feeling too well this Halloween. She is in "season" right now, so we had to dress around her "panties". She rocked the baby look. She wore her panties and a hoodie sweatshirt to look like a onesie. The pacifier didn't stay in her mouth long enough to get a great picture!

Pugsley modeled the eskimo parka. He looked like he was posing for the camera! LOL

Scooby tried to do the "boxer" look but she was so not into wearing the jacket and the hood over her head. I gave up trying to loop the boxer gloves around her neck. She was so not into the whole clothing thing. Last year she did great dressing up as a pumpkin!

This by far is the best costume this year. Pugsley totally loved his firetruck complete with doggie firmean and hat! He just makes me laugh. He got mad when I tried to put this costume on Hailey. He wanted it for himself.

You can barely see Hailey in the background checking out Pugsley in his outfit.

Hope these pictures made you smile! Happy Halloween!!


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