Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Protective Love of a Big Brother~

I snapped these pictures yesterday evening. Little Miss Hailey had her "Pup-er-a-tor" removed yesterday. In layman's terms, she was spayed. When she got home she was so groggy and in so much pain. She was shivering, and very lethargic. I placed her carefully in my big chair with the pillow and warm blankets. I wanted her to be able to snuggle in and be comfy. I went into the kitchen to fix dinner, and big brother, Pugsley had crawled up in the chair and was watching over little Hailey. He stayed there for 5 straight hours. I finally moved him at ten o'clock, because my favorite show was on television. Pugsley woulnd't be detoured! He climbed on the arm of my chair, and watched over her the rest of the night.

It was just brotherly love.


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