Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stamping with REAL flowers

Paint Stamping with Real Flowers

Another challenge for April was to stamp using paint and real flowers. I took a stroll (okay limp) down to the mailbox, and gathered up some wild flowers on my way back up to the house. I got out my Making Memories paint set in the spring colors, and set out to try my hand at flower stamping.

I learned that you want to use a "stiffer" flower. The pansy type petals don't hold paint well, and they don't hold up to more than one or two images. They also seem to pool the paint more and the image is more of a blob than a flower.

The wild mountain lilies worked great, and the dandelions were another nice flower to use. They made cleaner and more flower-like images.

I tried a variety of paints colors to make them more interesting.

This was a fun new technique to try. I think I want to see how some summer flowers work. I think commercial flowers would be great because they are hardier than wildflowers.


Jenn said...

I think they are adorable! What a great challenge!!! LOL! I can't take credit for the idea though because I saw it in a magazine. I want to get a big huge giant sunflower and do it....its on my list. My list is so long!
Luv ya! Great job!

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