Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter is coming!

Wow, thinking about Easter as it was when I was a kid, and how it is now. It is just so different.

Without all the peeps in my family now, holidays are so different. For 99% of my adult life, my grandparents were at every family holiday. Now with my grandmother gone, I hardly see or hear from my grandpa at all. It is weird.

My aunt moved to Wisconsin, but thinking back it was hit and miss for her to be around for the holidays. I think most of the time she would arrive.

My other aunt lives sort of close, but the traveling is hard for her with her job, dogs, etc.

My parents are the only constant. We try hard to be together for every holiday.

Hubby's kids are grown, and they weren't normally around for Easter. We had them for summer and every other Christmas, but then still not as much as we should have. Long story that won't change by talking about it.

I dreamed Easter would be this huge event. Kids and family everywhere. Instead, there are 4 of us and 4 dogs. No kids hunting Easter eggs. No family making so much noise you can't hear yourself think. Nothing like I dreamed of. Not bad, just not the holidays of my dreams.

Reality is, nothing is never exactly how we dream it to be.


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