Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 7th Peep

Today I went out to feed the chickens and collect eggs. While I had the coop open to get the eggs, little Miss Hailey ran into the chicken coop and down the chicken run! She was my 7th chicken! She loved hanging with her Peeps so much that she didn't want to leave.

I ran into the house to grab my camera. It was a "kodak" moment as they use to say.
Here is my 7th Peep:

I think what she really wanted was the old banana I gave to the chickens. Hailey love bananas. She is our little monkey girl.

Pugsley couldn't figure out how his silly sister got in with the chickens. He kept walking around trying to see where she made it in. He just knew she needed him.

It took a while to convince Hailey to leave the her Peeps, but she finally decided dinner was more important than hanging with the chickens.


The Scrapbooking Queen said...

Dogs just love to eat the chicken feed because it just like there food... also they love chicken poop
I have 13 chickens and I alway chasing my pups out of the chicken area.. we let ours free roam..
The Scrapbooking Queen

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