Saturday, February 06, 2010

New Layouts!

I have actually been crafting again! It seems like it has been FOREVER! LOL

I have joined a challenge to create a layout-a-day for the first 14 days of February. I know, it sounds easy, but sometimes you get so caught up in the idea of creating that you think it and over think it until you don't do anything!

I am loving the fact that it is forcing me to select the pictures and FINISH the layout no matter what. I have to get it done. This bit of pressure is a good thing!
Here are my first 7 layouts~ The pictures aren't the best. I used my iPhone instead of my fancy digital camera~ I will try to re-rephotograph them when the weather is better!

These first three layouts all will be part of a heritage album about my grandfather's side of the family. This is his cousin, Orphie. My grandfather's mother was Orphie's mom's sister, and his father was Orphie's father's brother. Wow, it sounds confusing but it isn't, really. It was so amazing to meet her!

This was taken at Paul and Sue Preston's 40th anniversary party. I re-met them again at my grandmother's funeral. It seems the first time we met, I was a little girl. I attended their wedding, and I barely remember it. In this first photo, it is Sue Preston, Donna Hudson (my grandfather's cousin), my grandfather, and me. We all look so somber, but we were really just deep in concentration and conversation.

At the party, it came to light that Paul had never properly proposed to Sue. I guess he just showed her the ring, and she put it on. He finally got on one knee 40 years later, and he properly asked for her hand in marriage. He was lucky she still said yes ~his words not mine~

Anyone who knows me just a little bit, knows that I love my boxers completely. This is one of my all time favorite photos of my beloved boxer, Ruger, and hubby's boxer Browning (he was just a baby). Wow, I still miss them so much~

These are a few more pictures of our boxers -- Browning is in the chair. He loved laying down like that, and we use to laugh at him all the time. He was the only dog brave enough to jump into the swivel rocker-recliner. Below Browning is our honorary boxer -- our cocker spaniel, Uzi. Uzi was raised his whole life with the Boxer Brats, so we made him an honorary boxer dog. Lastly is Browning's brother, Winchester. We rescued Winchester when he was a year old. Shortly thereafter, we learned he was actually Browning's brother (same litter).

This is another favorite picture. I think I have scrapped it before, but I loved how it looked with these papers~ I know it needs something else, but I still haven't figured out what it is.

Well, that is my first 7 days of layouts. Some I like better than others, but it has been fun to press the creative envelope so to speak! I will have more layouts to share ~check back soon.


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