Thursday, October 09, 2008

Difficulty with Acrylic Stamps?

Are you having a hard time getting a good image with your acrylic stamps?

Here are a few suggestions for better images:

Try cleaning the stamp with alcohol, then loading it up - really loading
it, putting your card stock on a hard flat surface and redoing the stamp.
Acrylic stamps do not like uneven surfaces, and while they look inked
then will come out "faded" if not really loaded. Hope this helps. - Renee

Maybe try your mouse pad flipped over to the softer side under the image. Some stamps come with a little cushion thingy (sorry for lack of technical term) to put under the paper you are stamping on. This has worked for me. - Micky

and from me:

Take a regular old pencil eraser and erase over the stamp image. Sometimes the clear stamps don't hold ink well. See if that helps to get the ink to stick to your stamp. Clean it really good after you rub it with the eraser and try again.


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