Sunday, July 13, 2008

My first Tear Bear

This is my very first tear bear using the heavy weight mulberry papers. I chalked the edges for added dimension & used pink chalk for the cheeks. The nose and eyes came with the kit. I used a slicker black fine writer for the whiskers and mouth.

Thank you BUFFY for sending me this kit to try! It was so much fun!


biznessgirl said...

That little tear bear is so cute! I have always wanted to try these but haven't. I have westies, perhaps my white mulberry paper would work to try to fashion one. Where do you begin?

Martha from Scrapbook Lounge board.

Andrea said...

This bear is wonderful! I have just started needle felting, and looking at your bear showed me why mine looks so ... well, wrong. Your bear's face is precious! And his proportions are just perfect! Well done, and very cool.

Mandi said...

Your tear bear is really cute. Absolutely adorable. :) Oh and i saw your blog link in your signature line I guess you would call it from the Scrapbooking Friends yahoo group. I've actually been meaning to click on it for some time and tonight I finally got around to doing it. :)


nctrans05 said...

I am so glad that you liked the kit. You did a better job with it than i did. I love your bears they are so cute. Mine looked nothing like yours.

cnewell said...

totally cute!! Glad I found your blog!

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